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“A Medieval Christmas”

Medieval dance music and carols to celebrate Christmas!

“The Pied Piper”

Music for an itinerant medieval minstrel.

“The Art of the Medieval Minstrel”

A programme of medieval dance music and song.

“The Cult of the Virgin”

Songs and dances dedicated to the Virgin Mary from medieval Spain and England.

“Elizabethan Gems”

Popular song and dance in the reign of Good Queen Bess.

“Gunpowder, Treason and Plot”

A commemoration of the Gunpowder Plot: music from the time of King James I.

“The English Balladeer”

Playford dances and popular ballads in the reign of King Charles I.

“The Georgian Minstrel”

Popular ballads and dance music from the 18th century.

“Jackie Tar”

Ballads, shanties and dance music from the time of Lord Nelson

“Traditional English music”

English song and dance music from Medieval to Victorian, performed on hurdy gurdy, recorder, flute, dulcimer and English guitar.

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